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May 22, 2013
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MNG - Bailey Boy by Porukachii MNG - Bailey Boy by Porukachii


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Gonna try my best to join :iconsparklesplz::iconmizu-no-gakuen::iconsparklesplz:wish me good luck/////:icontearplz:

And yes I genderbend my character Bailey into a guy. Not forever only for this group. If Adventure Time gets to genderbend HELL YEAH I WANNA DO THAT TOO!


but yeah I hope you like it and enjoy :iconasdfghplz:

★Name: Bailey Xing (Or you can call him Bailey Boy :'D)
★Age: 19
★Height: 6'2
★Weight: 74 kg
★Year: Senior
★Level : EXPERT

+ Baby pandas ( fuwa fuwa =//7//= )
+ BL Manga gay porn videos
+ Causing trouble even though he never realises himself
+ Swimming
+ Drawing Chibies
+ Baggy Clothes
+ Huggies/ Cuddles/ Snuggles >//3//<
+ Sex I didn't wrote that D':
+ Learning new swimming technique
+ exciting events/ school trips
+ Being with his friends and classmates
+ Horror/gore movies * w *
+ Being turned on

- Wearing tight suits
- Dancing the waltz (will get someone hurt D': )
- Hurting himself (Occasionally does that alot)
- people touching his face (Here comes the kawaii moaning :'D)
- Sour food (He'll choke to death even with just a little piece or a crumb)
- Being Gullible so easily

- When he was young he was quiet, a bit empty-minded and full of negative emotions about himself.
- But now he's strong and outgoing person.
- His brain is not even close to an average person. He's going to have more trouble when the next exam comes by.
- He's kind and heart-warming to others.
- Doesn't mind making new friends even if there over weight or funny-looking or has strange hobbies. He never judges a book by its cover. He cares what the inside matters the most.
- Sometimes curious, gullible and tends to forget previous conversation but eventually comes back.
- He is Bisexual
- Abit of a trouble maker :'D
- If there's going to be a yaoi moment, he would be the 'uke' type.
- If you think this face :iconhesmileplz: :iconsparklesplz: means he's flirting at you, well he's not. Either that or he's trying to invite you for smexy time

★History: (cheesy history as fudge)

At age 8, he lives in America with an average life family of his caring mother and his dear wacky granddad. His granddad only came to visit for a while because he wants to spend time with his grandson more often due to his busy schedule back in Japan.

Bailey was always quiet. He neither has special skills nor brains and has no friends at his elementary school. The only person who keeps him accompany was his cuddly panda name Mr Bumble who was given to his granddad.
Every day in elementary school he was always being picked on by three bullies but the most worse was the fat leader name Kurt, who goes to the same class as Bailey because his first name sounds feminine and because he was weak...and he always carry a cuddly toy by his side.
(Uh excuse me you little thug. The name Bailey is actually a masculine name back in the old days. Don't you dare go on picking kids who is weak just because you’re fat! >:'/)
Outside during break they would throw little pebbles at the back of his head purposely notice. In class they would do all kinds of rubbish to Bailey like drawing his face while he's asleep or even worse. Putting the school's pet spider down in his pants without the teacher noticing D':

Even the other students find him so weird not because of his name, it because he always sits in a dark and narrow corner whispering to his cuddly toy about how negative he is. He also likes to experiment dead insects on the floor.

At home in his bedroom it was night time. Bailey looked up at the full moon wondering if he could be a better person so he can make new friends and stand up against bullies like a super hero. But he knows he couldn't do that since he has no confident or special skills in himself. His granddad came in with a nice cup of hot chocolate for Bailey. His granddad helps him to get change in his pyjamas and notice there was a little birthmark that has a star-shape pattern on Bailey's chest. He said to Bailey having a special shaped birthmark is good luck. He also said you might find something that you’re really good at. As much as he wants to appreciate his granddad's word nothing ever good happens to him.

The next day, Bailey's class were on a school trip down at the public pool for their first swimming lesson. Every students was in there swimsuits except for Bailey because he accidently forgot to bring his swimsuit. So Bailey has to sit in a faraway corner while watching the other students swim. When it was all over, all the students gone back to the changing room and the public pool was about to close, and everyone was out...except for some. Bailey fell asleep all day long, and what a surprise the three little bullies sneakily went back to the public pool to see if they can test themselves if they were good enough to swim in the deep. They started fighting with each other to see who gets to go first but all of sudden their leader Kurt fell into the pool. Bailey woke up and heard a loud splash. He saw Kurt trying to swim back up but he couldn't manage to make it. (Must be the burgers he ate for lunch lol) He was out of breath and was drowning down in the deep. The other two bullies are worried and didn't know what to do. There is no lifeguard and they were the only people left in the pool. Without thinking, Bailey has no choice but to rescue him. He took of his blazer (like a boss), jumped over the fence and quickly dives down into the pool. He swims down as fast as he could. He spotted Kurt lying on the floor without breathing. He manages to carry him on the back with his left hand and tries to swim back up with his right. Kurt was too heavy to carry it decreases Bailey's speed. He too was almost out of breath but luckily he made it out of the pool and gasped for air. Bailey asked if Kurt was alright, (not like he deserve one) but then out of nowhere all the students and teachers were crowding outside the pool and started cheering out for Bailey. He was stunned by the reaction. Even though this was his first time swimming he can finally feel that all along he has the skills inside his heart- the skills and passion of swimming.

The next morning in school all the students in his class came up to him, giving him compliments, asking to be his friends and he even has adoring girl fans. He also got appreciation from the bullies. After what he has done, he then thought he can change his life and become a better lifeguard in the future. It was all thanks to his granddad~

11 years later it was 3 in the morning. There was a loud ruckus at the front door, and Bailey walks idly to the door and opens it. It was his granddad giving Bailey a big grin and comes to tell him big news. Bailey slams the door and toddles off to bed. His granddad flails about, rushing to Bailey's bedroom and shout at him for coming all away from Japan. His granddad whispered into his ears telling him that he got him into the best swimming academy in Japan and also found him a little job as a trainee lifeguard at the private beach. Bailey wakes up in delight and asked when he starts. His granddad said it starts in 48 hours. He rushed out of bed, got changed, got his luggage ready and they both zoomed out quietly (not waking his mother up) in the house and off to the airport. Did I mention Bailey’s granddad is rich in Japan lol |D 

Of course his granddad didn't do all this just for free. As a return Bailey must cook his granddad delicious meals every single day even though he hates cooking/family payback

★Friends/Classmate/sex buddies

- Sawa Kurusu

★Additional Info:
- He get good grades when he has Mr Bumble by his side.
- Has a star-shape birthmark on his chest. Must be luck for finding a new skill.
- His weak spot is the nipples = w =
- He wears a long swimsuit because it makes him look all manly
- He has a kawaii moaning voice whenever someone touches his face or pretend to make fun of him.
- Got a part time job as a trainee lifeguard at a private beach in japan
- Ever since he saved a bully years ago, he's been getting a quite a number of fangirls recently. Even from today it stills goes on.
- As much it's a guy's dream to be 'popular' in any school, all he wants is a normal school life and make new friends. And maybe a sex buddy to make it better.
- He'll get really upset if you ever take his panda away or do anything horrible.
- He wears glasses for studying
- At age 12 he's good at cooking but hates it so much
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